Google Trends: Tensions rise between Biden, Sanders, and Warren for Democratic Debate Night, Nancy Pelosi and Trump Impeachment on Hold

12 Candidates, Three Topping Tonight’s Google Searches

For many people across the nation tonight, the Democratic Debate is all that is being discussed. Who did well? Who came under fire? What can be taken away from this debate and the candidates?

Tonight’s debate was Bernie Sander‘s first return to the public stage as he recovers from a heart attack he suffered last week. All eyes are closed in on the hopeful Democratic candidate as he builds up his reputation and reminds American citizens of his views for the future of the country.

While Sanders’ return was one of the highlights of the Democratic debate, another was Joe Biden son’s, Hunter Biden, involvement on the board of a Ukrainian gas company. Attention has been heavily drawn onto the former vice president as both sides argue whether or not Biden should be held accountable for his son’s involvement in international business and whether or not the move was unethical.

Finally, Elizabeth Warren topped off the debate as one of the most discussed president potential with her stance for healthcare. Throughout her questioning by mediators, it seemed quite obvious that Warren was avoiding providing a real answer, as she was completely dodging some of the questions asked.

Google Trends shows the analysis of searches conducted for the three candidates over the last 24 hour

Tensions Rise as Anticipated Impeachment Inquiry is Being Put on Hold

It seems like the world has been hearing about President Donald Trump‘s impeachment for what seems like forever now. It is no surprise that the 45th president has had political issues with the branches of government. While the Senate is predominantly ruled by the GOP, the House of Representatives is overwhelmingly Democratic.

Leading the news of impeachment inquiries has been the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. While most congress members have shown support to the Speaker’s decisions regarding opening the inquiry, it seems that Ms. Pelosi is trying to protect her committee members from having to make such a vote.

Surprisingly, some GOP members have also shown their support in opening the inquiry into the allegations against president Trump’s involvement with Ukraine. While the first impeachment inquiry regarding Russia’s tampering with the election were disregarded since Trump wasn’t president at the time, more people have come to question the president’s actions as a sitting president of the United States.

The decision to hold off on opening an inquiry into the president’s involvement in Ukraine doesn’t come as a surprise as Pelosi wants to have a legitimate reason to open one, she has said time and again that the Democrats aren’t looking to hold grudges, rather they are trying to uphold the Constitution.

The search for president Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saw a spike in the last month during the announcement of a possible impeachment inquiry, according to a Google Trends search analysis


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